Good News! Properties are selling because inventory is low.  But don't be satisfied with "good" or "good enough."  
Make More Money as Well! 
10860 Rosalie Dr., Northglenn - SOLD $5000 over lising in 1 day!
«This property sold: 
in 1 day!
For $5,000 more!
Staging Can Get You More Money!

FACT: Professionally staged homes (this includes homes that a professional stager consulted on as well) not only sell faster, but sell for MORE MONEY!
Gorgeious Master Bedroom.  7263 S. Tempe Ct., Aurora, Feb 2015Home Staging
What Is It?
Home staging is presenting a home in its most attractive light to entice more buyer interest in order to sell it faster and for a higher price.

...create immediate buyer interest

Elegant yet hip dining room, Castle Rock.  SOLD in 4 Days! Feb 2015 With most buyers beginning their new-home search on the web, the listing photographs are the first thing buyers see.  Professionally staged homes photograph better than un-staged homes, thereby creating interest before the buyer even steps though the door.
Staging will always cost less than the first Price Reduction...  and the 2nd...  and the 3rd...
Who doesn't want to live in a model home?
Elegant Dining Room - 105 S. Oneida, DenveerModel homes are beautiful and inviting and represent a fantasy lifestyle that buyers connect with emotionally. 
427 Niagra - Comfortable and Stylish family room
They picture holiday dinners, where their kids will play and how their furniture will fit. 
Everyone wants to live in a model home and Staging Works can make your home look like one! 
Sell Faster! 
Do not let your home sit on the market without creating any buyer interest!
Do not keep reducing the price and losing money!
If your home has been on the market for more than 30 days, call Staging Works.  Staging Works will come to your home and give you a thorough property evaluation with proven, reality based recommendations for making your home show better.   
Let's face it, you only get ONE shot at making a good first impression.   And a good first impression can mean the difference between an offer to buy and walking away. 
Make an Appointment...
Staging Works will come to your home, at your convenience  -weekdays, evenings, and weekends-  to evaluate your home.  You can implement the recommendations yourself, or let Staging Works do the work for you.  You can stage your whole home and attract the most buyers possible or you can stage some of the rooms to keep costs down.  Further, Staging Works will do its best to work with the furniture and accessories you already own, so renting or buying furniture or accessories need not be the case.  
...how much does it cost?
Staging Works Home Evaluations are $150.00 - $175.00 (depending upon location).  We'll come to you and give you an evaluation, provide real-world recommendations for selling your home faster and for a better price.   We'll even help you move or re-arrange furniture on-the-spot. 
If there are more recommendations to implement, you can save money and do them yourself or have Staging Works do it for you. Staging might cost a couple of hundred $'s, but...
Staging will always cost less than reducing the
price of your property

Staging Works is located in Castle Rock, Colorado and serves the entire Denver Metro and Douglas County areas and beyond.
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*Staging Works' properties have sold on average in 24 days in 2011 thru July 2011
* Return of investment is not guaranteed.
**From Statistics Report by RESA, released February 2009 and 2010.  Read the whole report at www.RealEstateStagingAssociation.com
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