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Set yourself, and your agency, apart from the competition by offering more than just photos, multiple listings and open houses. 
Offer your customers a...

Staging Works Home Evaluation

Things to Consider:
Staging will always cost less than reducing the price
Do you want your listings to show like model homes?
Do you want your listings on every buyers "must see" list?
Do you want buyers mentally moving when they're in the house? 
Why professionally staged homes sell faster...
Buyers have little imagination when it comes to getting past a home that is full of the current homeowners personality.  Even vacant homes prove to be a problem with buyers trying to envision how their own furnishings will fit. The faster buyers can picture themselves living in the property, the faster a contract will be written.

Benefits of Staging:
•Enables buyers to easily see themselves living in the property 
•Gets buyers to focus on the benefits of a property while minimizing the down-side of a property  
•Staged homes appeal to a wider array of buyers, increasing the odds of a contract
•Staged properties photograph better than un-staged homes, increasing initial interest
Staging Works Checklist:
1.  Clean
2.  In Good Repair
3.  Re-organize and De-clutter
4.  De-personalization
5.  Neutral Colors
6.  Furnishings (or lack of
7.  Move-in Ready!

Let Staging Works help your sellers address all the major issues in getting their properties ready for sale. Even the sensitive ones, like odors, clutter and personal taste.    
Statistically speaking...
Homes that are staged sell 85% faster and for more money than un-staged homes*.
Here's the bottom line: 
 Staging creates immediate buyer interest

..inexpensive yet highly valuable...
...Staging Works offers Realtors 1/3 off the 
public price for home evaluations 
Staging will always cost less than that first price reduction!
*From Statistics Report by RESA, released February 2011.  Read the whole report at www.RealEstateStagingAssociation.com
**Public price is $150. 
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