Attention Builders and Investors...
Staging is inexpensive,
and highly effective for marketing your company 
Staging will move your specs quicker, and for more money!
...You don't need a separate model home to advertise and sell your homes
 Stage your vacant spec home(s) to advertise not only that particualar property's potential, but also your company's building and design potential.  The better a property shows the greater and more immediate impression you'll make with buyers.
Staging Works for Fix-and-Flips
Aurora - Fix & Flip - sold fast and for more money than listed!
>This property was flipped by an investor.  He hired Staging Works to stage the unit, which cost a little over $900 for 4 rooms, 2 baths and a kitchen.
The investor did a good job with the renovations and 

staging highlighted all his good work.
The property photographed and showed so well that the investor was actually able to list the property about $20K higher than the competition.  No one thought he would get it, especially with several just-remodeled units listed for much less.  But not only did his sell in 3 days - well before the other units - but it sold for $3,000 higher that the asking price.   
Staging maximizes profit by allowing higher listing prices and creating mulitple offers
Buyers have little imagination with vacant homes.  Furnishings give buyers inspiration, and a frame of reference for their own furnishings. The faster buyers can see themselves living in the property, the faster a contract will be written.

Vacant, uninspiring and Un-sellable^
Staging Creates Immediate Buyer Interest
Comfortable, Inviting and SELLABLE
The main goal of staging is to make properties appeal to the widest range of buyers, thereby increasing the odds of a contract.  Professionally staged homes show better  and photograph better than un-staged homes. Your advertising and listing photos will creating immediate interest with buyers shopping on the Internet. This home sold 3 weeks after it was staged and it had been on the market nearly 2 years!
Staging Works is located in Castle Rock, Colorado and serves the entire Denver Metro and Douglas County areas and beyond.   Call or email us for an appointment at your convenience.
 Staging Works always includes two months to accomodate the selling and closing process.  You are not pre-payng for two months rent, you are paying for design service, delivery, set up and removal.  Low rental rates begin on the third month, if needed, and run 25% of staging cost.  Call for room-by-room pricing. 
Staging will always cost less than that first price reduction.
 Staging Works!
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